Introducing The Bedtime Chronicles

A hip-hop inspired children’s book series that follows the everyday beat of the Rimes family.


The lil bro.
Coolest kid in kindergarten.
Family hype man.
Loves a good bedtime story.

Mary Lou

The big sis.
Marches to her own beat.
Toughest cookie on the block.


Benny's best bunny/buddy.
Part stuffed animal, part spirit animal.
Fly from his hare to his flip-flops.


The boss mom.
She’s the life of the party.
She’s the rock of the family.


The Dadman.
He’s not your average dad.
Okay, he’s kinda your average dad.

“My kids love it, we love reading it to them, and it makes bedtime more fun.”

- Michael C



Legend of the Dadman

ORDER NOW: $19.95 (FREE SHIPPING) The first drop of The Bedtime Chronicles follows Stan as he tells the story of the unsung hero they call "Dadman".



ORDER NOW: $22.00 (FREE SHIPPING) Purchase a Hip-Hop today and give your child their new best bunny! He’s cute, he’s chill, he’s Hip-Hop! Sporting his signature look and...